Tuesday, April 8, 2008

100 Beers! No Way!

So yeah, I beat my goal, and it's still winter, or at least it still feels like it. To recap, my original goal was to drink 100 different beers in 2008, focusing on LOCAL beers (loosely defined as MN and WI in origin, but NOT Miller beers). I quickly realized that goal was too easily obtained, so I changed my goal to 200 beers, 100 being local.

This past weekend (on my birthday no less) I hit the magic 100 different beers (the original goal). The beer to put me at that milestone was a New Holland IPA (MI) that I thought was quite delicious. My friend James from Michigan said he wasn't a fan, but I thought that the intense hops made for quite a good beer to sip on.

The 100th beer!! (of the year, not the night)

My favorite beer was one I just had last night, #105. A local beer (WI) Viking Whole Stein. It's called a "breakfast beer" because of the coffee, oatmeal and milk flavors. I wouldn't drink it for breakfast, but I thought it was smooth and the flavors mixed so well together. Thanks Tom, a very tasty birthday treat!

95 beers to go to 200, and 54 more local brews needed for 100. With almost 9 months left in 2008, I think I've got a good chance.

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