Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Best Birthday EVER!

So this past weekend I turned the big 2-9. Yes, that's right, NOT 35 as many friends are trying to say. Heck, 35 would be great, I'd get more buffer on my Boston qualifier time!

I seriously had the best birthday of my life. I've had a lot of really good ones, but this one was the best. I really am indebted to all my friends and family for taking the time to really show how much they care! It was really overwhelming, and frankly, I wouldn't need another birthday party for 3 or 4 years.

I started to write about all the fun things I did, or people did for me, then I realized: All of my (local) friends and family were there, or heard about it. No one else in the blogging world would really care! :) Here are some highlights with photos:

Saturday I ran the Golden Valley 5K. I finished in 17:58 (NOT 18:11 as the official results say). I was hoping I'd have no competition and win, but I guess it's OK that I lost to an Olympian!

Yep, that's Team USA Minnesota's very own Carrie Tollefson. Misty Mike, Fancy Kirk and I had a nice chat with Carrie and her husband Charlie. Mike, Kirk and I are running Boston in 13 days (if you didn't know), and Charlie has run it before, so we talked about that for a while. Anyway, Carrie ran strong and looks ready to kick it in for the track Oly trials. Good luck Carrie!

And congrats to Kirk for his big 10K win!

Later that day I embarked on a fun and very sweet scavenger hunt organized by my girlfriend. I followed clues all around town to various places that have special meaning to us, the last clue taking me of course to her! Very surprising and fun!

I had 2 parties as well. One was a happy hour with lots of friends that I planned, and the other was a family get-together my mom surprised me with on Sunday! I really had no clue my mom was planning it. I had family come from as far away as Madison for it, about 40 in all! It was very overwhelming and wonderful.

So there you have it, I have the best friends, family and girlfriend in the world, all combining to make it a birthday I'll never forget. Thanks guys!

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Chad said...

Happy birthday! What are you starring at in that first photo?