Thursday, April 10, 2008

CORRECTION: I love Metro Transit!

OK, so I know last week I had a bad Metro Transit experience, but thankfully I did not let that sour my mood completely on taking using Metro Transit as part of "commuting toolbox." Even for someone who does a quasi-reverse commute, using public transportation is important.

Today is the perfect example. I rode my bike to work today, in spite of the dire predictions of snow/sleet/locusts. Why? Well, if I hadn't, it wouldn't have snowed and I would have regretted not biking. So I biked, knowing that by biking, I was screwing all of us into bad weather fortunes. But I thought I could be hardcore and bike home. Well, come 3pm the winds were gusting over 40 mph (a headwind no less) and a sideways rain was turning into snow. So I decided I just couldn't stomach the thought of biking home in that. So instead, I turned to the handy-dandy Trip Planner option and found out I could be door to door in about an hour. Not bad, considering I knew the highways would be so bad as to make the commute an hour of sheer tension and gridlock.

So I ran to the bus, took the bus to MOA, the train home, and 1 hour and 1 Newsweek magazine later, I was snug in my house! While 1 hour would have been unbearable if running/biking/driving had been more pleasant options, in this situation, it was perfect!

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