Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Recap, 2009 Preview

While I don't generally make New Year's resolutions, I do usually set goals for the year (is there a difference? Probably not.) Anyway, last year, I set my goals down in this post.

  • sub 17:30 5K
  • sub 1:21 Half
  • sub 2:58 Boston Marathon! (a PR)
  • 2,600 total miles run
  • another long trail run
  • run in more cities around the US
I did not run a sub 17:30 5K, a sub 1:21 Half, nor 2:58 at Boston. Failed? Not in my opinion. I PR'ed at every distance I raced from 1 mile to the marathon. In all, I had PRs at 1 mile, 5K, 8K, 10K, half marathon and the marathon. I'm most proud of my marathon improvement to 2:53. So while I didn't get that PR at Boston, I wasn't very far off, and I beat it 6 months later anyway.

I ended up running exactly 2,900 miles, far surpassing my 2007 total (which was actually 2,511. I messed up on my math last year). For a long trail run I ran the Nerstrand Big Woods half, and ran quite well for my abilities. I didn't run in many new cities in 2008, but I did log Albuquerque (and White Sands), Reno, and some new trails around Minnesota.

Here are the stats for this year (last year's stats in parantheses):

Miles Run: 2,900 (2,511)
Miles Biked: 1,697 (2,513 - I had 2 long bike trips last year)
Commutes to/from office by running or biking: 80 (80)
Different beers consumed: 279 (118 of them brewed locally, look to the list on the right)
PR's: 6 (3)

Goals for 2009:

  • To NOT have a running mileage goal!
  • To bike when I want to bike, run when I want to run, ski when I want to ski. REGARDLESS of how many miles I think I should be running.
  • Improve as many of my PRs as possible.
  • Commute by bike/run 100 times.
  • Drink some wine, some good beers, and not write down every freaking beer I drink.
  • Write a more interesting blog!