Friday, April 3, 2009

Want to Buy My House? (blog not included)

So as marriage is coming down the road, I am selling my house and Ashley and I are looking at moving to something perhaps a little more centrally located for both our jobs. I'm sad to be leaving my house and the neighborhood, but excited at the prospect of something new (with hopefully more room for a vegetable garden!)

My house is 2 blocks from the light rail, 2 blocks from Minnehaha Falls, and about a mile from Nokomis. There's no airplane noise due to the alignment of the runways. Odd, but true, and it makes it a quiet and quite pleasant neighborhood.

The best features of the home are the 2 enormous living rooms on the first floor, particularly the back one which has lots of sunlight and connects to a large wrap-around deck. 2 garage spaces and a spacious driveway make plenty of room for all your cars if you have 4 or 5. I've done a fair amount of work to the house. I installed heated flooring and tiles in the kitchen a couple years ago, and just recently we refinished the floors in the bedroom and living room. They look gorgeous. Take a look at the photos!

Also, last year I planted 4 paper birch trees in the front yard. As they mature, it will create a beautiful "room" in the front yard. A landscape architect at my firm designed it for me. Trust me, after I move I'll definitely be coming back to check on the progress of those trees, which I nurtured like my children last summer.

Here's the link again. There's an open house tomorrow from 2-4pm if you're interested. The property was placed online yesterday afternoon and it's already had 3 showings, so come and check it out quickly!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

TP Update from Germany

I was just going to send these photos to Ed and have him post them since TP-folding is his obsession, but that seemed like creating too much work for him. I'll just let him link to this if he so desires.

I just got back from Germany a couple days ago. Apparently folding TP is an art that is also appreciated by the Germans (or the American tourists that frequent their hotels).

I stayed at Hiltons in Berlin and Munich. As could be expected, the TP folding was nothing but classy:

Berlin TP - middle point-ish

Munich Hilton - great side point

The Berlin Hilton could work on their point, the fold wasn't quite right, but close enough. I appreciated the 45-degree angle fold at the Munich (Park) Hilton. Besides the TP, both places were phenomenal with great service.

Deeper into Bavaria, I stayed a couple nights at the Alpen Stuben under crazy Ludwig II's Schloss Neuschwanstein. Their TP folding was also nopnotch (nice point guys!), but what's up with the weird "Lady Bag" with a gun on it? I understand what the bag is for, but it was a little odd.

I'll leave you with a view from the hotel window:

If I ever have time, I'll post some more interesting photos from the hundreds that I took. No promises, however.