Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Fun Race Photos

Since I haven't raced in a while (2 weeks!!!) and I'm not racing for a long time (4 days!) I thought I'd toss out a couple more fun race photos. Last week was a nasty photo from Victory 5K. This week, Rocky's Run 8K from earlier in November.

This was a fun race on the U of MN's course (site of the Griak Invitational). I've watched the real runners race at Griak before, so it was great to get a chance to race on the same course, albeit much more slowly.

I wanted to run sub 30 minutes for the 8K (it's on the U's golf course and it's VERY hilly, so sub-30 for me would be solid). I went out aggressively at my goal pace and went through the 4K mark in 14:56, right on target for my goal. The 5K came in around 18:30, which is a pretty decent 5K time for me on a tough course like this. But then the wheels began to wobble. I struggled through the next 1.5K, but the last 1.5K or so I hit a major second wind and cranked it in for a time of 29:30ish. (We found out later the course was short by 0.08 miles, so I estimated that I'd still be right around or just under 30 minutes on a full course).

The best part of the race was that aside from being passed by Sits-In-The-Weeds Mike (who by the way needs to blog about his freaking sub 2:50 marathon at San Anton. I'm jus' sayin') at 2K, I was never passed during the race. And even better, I passed 2 people in the last mile including someone I had been trying to catch up to all race. I paid the price the following week at the State XC meet when racing 5 times in 6 weeks (the first being TCM) finally caught up with me.

All in all, a fun USATF XC series.

Now, for the promised Rocky's Run photos:

Chris coming out of the Jimmy Johns John... Later we ate at Jimmy Johns down the street (true story)

My camo racing flats helped me sit in the weeds during the race

Other highlights from the race:
  • Kirk winning the MDRA Grand Prix in style during 5K
  • Me locking my keys in my car, in the ignition! Thanks to AAA and Nick for bailing me out

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worst Photo EVER

Do not look at the photo unless you want to be momentarily blind. Nick, this photo should be your next Photo Friday winner.

Seriously, this one has it all: random chest hair, nasty hot dog (actually it was tasty), and shorts that are way too short. Not to mention the funky hair.

(taken at the Victory 5K/10K)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


230? What's that number signify, you ask? Is that my ridiculously absurd marathon goal time? Is that what time I got home from the bar last night? Nope and nope. This morning I was voter #230 in my precinct.

After 2 years of constant campaigns, billions spent, it all comes down to this simple equation: 1 person = 1 vote.

Voting was pretty smooth this morning. I got there just before the polls opened and joined the growing line. I went with my roommate who needed me to vouch for her residency. The whole voting process took about 1 hour, but there were some inefficiencies. I had to wait in 5 different lines!

Line 1: Just to get into the polling place: approximately 20 minutes
Line 2: To check in as a pre-registered voter to obtain a piece of paper so that I could then get a ballot. ~5 minutes
Line 3: Vouch for my roommate and help her register to vote. ~10 minutes
Line 4: Hand in piece of paper, receive ballot. ~2 minutes
THEN VOTE ~3 minutes (there are a lot of judges to vote for!)
Line 5: Wait to HAND IN my completed ballot. This was the longest line and most annoying. ~20 minutes

But it was all worth it for church coffee and a cinnamon bun! THANK YOU ELECTION VOLUNTEERS!! You all made the voting process smooth and enjoyable.

By the time I left, all the lines were starting to dwindle. I'm sure the post-5pm rush will be pretty big too.

So when I had finished voting, I hopped on the bike and cruised toward the office, passing churches and schools along the way that were serving as polling places. It was so neat to see democracy in action like that!

I then stopped in at Starbucks to get my free coffee for having voted, and I discovered to my dismay that I had lost my "I Voted" sticker on my bike ride. I am really bummed about that. REALLY bummed. It's weird that such a small thing as a sticker could evoke such a powerful emotional response (ok, I wasn't that distraught). It speaks to the power of voting, and to the fact that we all want to feel like we have a say in our government. That sticker represents the pride we have in our democracy. So I'll just have to live with an "I Voted" sticker on my blog.

But thank you Starbucks, you gave me free coffee even without the sticker. I applaud you, butplease don't put any stores in my neighborhood to compete with the local coffee shops!


If you're reading this today, and you haven't voted yet, then stop here and go vote! Unless you're reading this right after I'm posting it (5am). Then the polls aren't open. So go ahead and read this and then go vote in 2 hours.

There, that's the extent of my get out the vote efforts! Actually, Minnesota has same-day registration, and my roommate needs someone to vouch for her residency, so I'll be doing that for her. I knocked on doors and made calls for a few elections, but this is the first time I'll be sure that my efforts will actually get someone to the voting booth.

So who do I support for pres? The Fonz, who else?