Friday, April 4, 2008

The Ultimate Dome Dog

Who doesn't love the Twins?? And more to the point, who doesn't love Dome Dogs? Well, there is only one thing better than an average Twins game: Opening Day. And only one thing better than a Dome Dog: a footlong Chicago Dog! Put those 2 things together and you have you have a recipe for a perfect night! I already blogged about Opening Day here, and you can read Misty Mike's or Beth's takes on the game too.

Since I just posted a rather whiny blog entry, I felt I needed to put something positive up here. And even though the Twins offense has been positively atrocious, there's something about Twins baseball (or my obsession with them) that makes the outcome of the games virtually irrelevant. Each new game has the promise of a win, and besides, fun is always guaranteed.

Here are some photos from the occasion!

At Hubert's for a little pre-game action. Check out that blizzard!

Our seats were AWESOME! Thanks Em!

Close-up on Torii's first post-Twins atbat. This is the photo I was taking when we were on TV.

Misty Mike and I are about to dive into our Chicago Dogs

Closeup on the Chicago Footlong. Now that's what I'm talking about!

(note, the photos looked a lot better, but I foolishly tried to edit them in the browser. I apologize that they are so pixelated)

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carly said...

The neon green relish that comes on the Chicago dogs has always made me cringe a little, but I guess that's part of the experience!

I just clicked out from my google reader to your actual blog - nice new photo banner and I love your list of beer varietals. The Mothership Wit Organic Wheat is at the top of my list of favorites!