Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily Haiku!

Those who know me well may know that I love Haikus. In fact, I have been known to compose one from time to time. In 2005, I wrote and submitted the following Haiku to Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Gregg Easterbrook). TMQ occasionally highlights NFL cheerleaders in his column, and since the NFL season had ended I was trying to cheer up legions of NFL fans. My suggestion of attending Lacrosse games was printed in Easterbrook's column, but my Haiku was not. Here it is for you:

Seven months no cheer?
Don't fret, traditional males
Lacrosse-babes are here

For the original TMQ column, go here and search for my name. The original post is not available online anywhere I can find.

I also composed a Haiku of my love for Victor's 1959 Cafe's corn pancakes (the best substance on earth):

Victor's Corn Pancakes
So juicy and delicious
I want one right now!

But I just received the best Haiku ever! This comes from Emily via a friend via the Internets via Runner's World or whatever:

Fairweather runners
Emerge like they own the place.
I ran all winter.

AMEN TO THAT!! And you fairweathers can stay off my trails tonight during our mid-April blizzard!

Thanks Emily and welcome back online!

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crossn81 said...

I would say that is the best Haiku ever!