Thursday, February 28, 2008

OOOOO, We're halfway there

Or rather, I'M halfway there. To my 100 different beers in 2008 that is!

Raise a glass (half a glass), because I'm halfway to my goal!

I logged #50 last night, a Bass Ale. It was the only beer on tap at Spike's Bar downtown (at the Hyatt) that I hadn't yet tried.

So mid-goal report time.

  • 23 of my beers have been "local" (MN or WI, not counting Miller). Although when I was in Omaha, I drank 2 more beers that were local that city, which helped with the whole carbon footprint thing.
  • My favorite (or should I say favourite) was probably Rodenback Grand Cru, a delicious Belgian I had at Buster's on 28th. Very sour with a rich, but not confusing, flavor.
  • Favorite Local Beer: Summitt Winter Ale. So delicious, so caramely. It's almost too caramelly to be a beer.
  • LEAST favorite beer: Brau Brothers Scotch Ale. Out of Lucan, Minnesota, this beer had too much flavor, and too MANY flavors, and really upset my stomach.
  • Beer that I worked the hardest for: Yeungling Lager. I brought a 12-pack back on flight from DC. I LOVE that beer. Yeungling, PLEASE sell that here!
  • Most prestigious beer: Delerium Tremens. Best beer in the world apparently. It's hard to argue with that.
  • LEAST prestigious beer: Grainbelt Premium. Man, do I love my premo!
  • Most likely to drink again: Well, probably 10 or 20 of 'em
  • Most likely to be the NEXT one I drink: Summitt Winter Ale. Too delicious and the lifespan is too short to pass up.
So what's on tap for the rest of the year? Well, it's still February, and I'm halfway there. I think that I need to revise my goal upward to 200. But more importantly, I'm making it my goal to hit 50% local beer. I plan on trying more from New Glarus, South Shore (Ashland), Great Waters, Town Hall, and anything new from Surly.

Reduce your carbon footprint, drink local!


Tyler said...


My favorite is the Landshark Lager...

Anginator said...

You are missing an important local beer:

Nathan said...

You are right, Finnegans is fantastic. I just haven't had it yet this year. I'm holding that one and a few others out as low-hanging fruit. It's going to be difficult to find new local beers later in the year. And what better beer than a tasty one that is for charity?

Tommy Mac said...

I really like the Brau Bros Scotch Ale. And as for your upset stomach, I think you simply ate too much that night.

Try a Viking Milk, Coffee and Oatmeal Stout - breakfast in a bottle!

Beth said...

I love Finnegan's, and Winter Ale too! Last night we had a pitcher of the Surly Bender at Pizza Luce - can't get enough of that stuff. I should join you on your beer adventures sometime!