Monday, February 4, 2008

You Know You Were Watching

I guess last night's sporting event was the most watched ever. So you know you saw it. And you know you were watching the ads too. Lame game until the end. And even then, lame because now we have to endure another 36 years of Don Shula and his undefeated Dolphins with their sub 0.400 opponents winning schedule. But whatever. I don't really care about football. I do enjoy watching the ads though.

And I was disappointed. A couple shone through. I loved the Doritos man-in-a-rat-suit ad. That was my big ad favorite. I generally agree with THE ROCK that ads with animals suck. But that's a reason why this ad was so money. It wasn't a cutesy or sarcastic animal. It was a dude in a rat-suit kicking the crap out of someone. High-larious.

But the best ad was the Twins ad they played. Watch it here:

I miss TK. (no offense to Gardy). It was a sign of the times (and the age of the people I hang out with), when only a couple of my friends recognized TK. Then again, most of us were the same age last night. It must be a sign of my Twins obsession.

Win Twins!

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Rocco said...

That was a great ad. The Twins are definitely the best of the major sports teams at marketing. More on the ad...