Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hillary Rodham...CAMPEAU???

Hillary, bring back the '92 do!


I previously posted how I am an Obama-guy. Heck, I stood in line for hours just to see him speak his standard stump speech. I've read all his books, and I'm inspired by him! So I should hope he becomes president, right?

Well, turns out I have a reason to root for Hillary. We are long-lost cousins. No, seriously. Through a random email (misdirected email) I started an email conversation with this nice 76-year-old Quebecois, and we discovered we have the same common ancestor of Étienne Campeau, who was one of the first settlers of Montreal. I know that I'm descended from Étienne from my dad's extensive geneology work. So then this nice man drops the bombshell on me. I'm related to Hillary. I didn't believe him. So I checked the Googles. Turns out, if you can believe the internets, he's right! I AM related to Hillary, although about 10 generations back (maybe a little less). Here's the website to prove it. Go down near the bottom and look for Étienne. He was the grandson of a knight in Limonges, France.

On an interesting sidenote, my new-found Canuck pen pal told me a story about how my great-great-great.....(10 of them) grandmother was sent by King Louis XIV to "comfort" the men of Montreal who were so lonely. I'm glad it worked out for poor lonely Étienne!!

So does this mean I have to root for Hill? Well, by that logic Dick Cheney would be rooting for Barack Obama. And the day Dick comes out for Obama'08, I'll switch to backing Hillary.


hillson said...

fix the outbound link to clinton's family tree, turkey.

Nathan said...

Link fixed, thanks Matt

Tyler said...

ha ha ha!!! Turkey.