Thursday, February 7, 2008

Are you ready to...Caucus?

Seeing as how it's Thursday and the caucuses were on Tuesday, this post is a little belated. Kirk and Ed already beat me to the punch with their wrapups.

I actually did not participate in the caucus beyond showing up, waiting in line 30 minutes, voting and getting out of there. I had wanted to, but Tuesdays are tutoring night, so I couldn't stick around. I wish I had after hearing stories from my friend Tim about how his caucus spent time debating the merits of insuring "Doulas" for the birthing process. Very weird, read about them here on Wiki.

The voting process was a little Mickey Mouse. I basically wrote the name of my candidate on a piece of paper and stuck it in an envelope. I'm pretty sure voting for class president in 3rd grade had a more formal process. And what's with the polls only being open 1.5 hours? That is ridiculous and undemocratic. So many people were disenfranchised as a result of that. Wake up Minnesota! Time to move into the 20th Century. Although it was cool hearing about people trying to vote in bowling alleys.

So who did I vote for? Well, since it's a caucus it's not exactly a secret ballot. I'll give you a hint. I went to this candidate's rally over the weekend. Still not sure who I'm talking about? Here's a photo I took at the event. And since I was sitting far away and perhaps you can't see who it was. Here's another hint: He won 2/3 of the DFL vote in Minnesota! Finally, I'm voting for a winner!

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