Thursday, February 26, 2009

I want me some free DQ!

I'm not a journalist. I'm not above being paid for content. Yes, I'm for sale, especially when it comes to ice cream!

Go check out DQ's new deals (although I hear that depending on what you get, the deal may not be all that great - check out the comments as well).

So, according to DQ's new blog, I'm supposed to:

  1. Write a blog post linking here about what deal you’d make with us to try our Sweet Deals for free.
  2. Once you’ve done this, email with a link to your post and your mailing address and we’ll ship you a gift card.
Well, what would I do? I'd compromise my blog!

Interested in reading about past content I wrote about DQ in Texas? Check it out here!

My love of DQ is pretty profound. I'd write more but I want to be one of the first 250 bloggers to submit this so I can get paid!

1 comment:

Kirk said...

Like I've said before--your love of DQ only shows that you lack refinement in your taste buds...or maybe that you have the taste buds of a 5 year old.