Friday, December 14, 2007

Yep, I am that stupid

A couple weeks ago (the day of the first big snow storm actually), I was hanging out with Eben, Kevin, Mike and Kirk after our run, just sipping on some hot chocolate at a local coffee shop. Kirk started talking about getting new eyeglasses, and I started raving about my Nike Flexon glasses, which are really awesome for running. They flex, don't slip, they're the best glasses I've ever had. In fact, when I bought them, the person at the eyewear shop showed me multiple times how they could bend and flex. I thought that was pretty cool, but I was wary to bend and flex them as much as they did at the store. I was fine with the minor flexing that occurred during my long runs.

Well, I guess I was pretty jazzed and trying to sell Kirk on these things, because the next thing I know I'm showing him just how much they bend! Well, you can imagine what happened next. And if you can't, look at the photo below:

Now I'm wearing an old pair waiting for a replacement set. And I'm back to glasses that suck for running!

Also, notice in the photo the beard I'm working on. I should have some sweet photos for a future blog on my facial hair adventures. I can't wait for the moustache party next weekend! (and neither can Ashley, because after that I have to shave).

(And thank you to Tim for the photo!)


Strats said...

Why does this story not surprise me?

Dr Em said...

Nathan, Mike had a mustache party one year, I think for the millenium new year's, and I could not wait for it to be over!

Tyler said...

It's all about the facial hair... you should see the beard I've got going on now.