Sunday, December 2, 2007


So I'm watching football tonight and all of a sudden I hear a familiar tune. "Come On" by Guster was playing on the TV! Guster has been my favorite band since 1998, and I like that song quite a bit. I look up to see what interesting product Guster is shilling for, and it's a freaking big pharma ad. It's an ad for Cypher, which is a medical stent. It has something to do with clogged arteries, which is ironic because at this moment I am eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.

From a quick Google search, it appears that Cypher is a drug-coated stent made by Johnson & Johnson. Apparently this stent's safety has been called into question, although the FDA now has determined that it is indeed safe.

The fact Guster is doing this ad bothers me a little. With all their greenie tendencies (they even won an MTVU award for their efforts), I'd hope they would lend their music to more progressive ventures than a stent made by one of the biggest pharmaceuitcals in the world. Oh well, I still love their music, appreciate their commitment to ending global warming through the group they started (Reverb), and I suppose I can close my eyes during this commercial and just enjoy the song. But big pharma, are you kidding me? Come on guys, what about doing a spot for wind energy... Or better yet, give your song to an ad that encourages exercise and eating healthy, which is a MUCH better way at managing clogging arteries.

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