Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wordy McWord and What I'm Anticipating

This will be a rather short blog post. Anyone who knows me must be surprised by the length of my first couple posts. I'm usually very succinct and to-the-point. Oh wait, that's not me at all!

The big problem with me entering the blogosphere is that I will probably write too much. I know the Internets are a big place, but there's a very good chance that I'm going to crash the whole thing by writing too much. So if your email stops working or you can't get the latest news, blame my lengthy posts.

That being said, I should stop while I can still claim this is a short post! But, of course, I can't.

Random thoughts today... Lists are fun, but I'm not as good at them as Mike is. But I've been thinking about what I'm looking forward to lately. The other night in bible study my friend Steven asked everyone to say what they are "anticipating" or looking forward to. Here's my list:

  • Trip out east to run Boston Marathon! (and see Al, Joel, Joy and Mary)
  • FINALLY finishing the baseboards on my new floor (if new equals 1.5 years old)
  • Being done with Dakota County work
  • Building my new Surly Cross-check bike with Tom
  • RIDING my new Surly Cross-check bike to work for the first time on my birthday
  • Riding the coast of California with my uncle on my new bike!
  • My birthday dinner at Al Vento
  • About 8 other excuses for birthday-related meals
  • Did I mention the Boston Marathon???!!!
  • Joel's trip here to Minny in June
  • Al and Mary's trip here??
  • Having 30-40 people in my house for Easter
  • Cousins coming back into town, Pete, Athena...
  • BWCA trip in June
  • Consistently being able to wear summer running clothes
  • Being DONE with the Boston Marathon so that I can bike more often
  • Going to Texas for work, no, scratch that. That sucks
  • The return of your Minnesota Twins!
Wow, life is good!

Number one thing ALL OF YOU are looking forward to? Nathan keeping his word and keeping his posts shorter. Next time, I promise :)

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Rachel said...

So, as we can see, Nathan has many things to look forward to. I noticed he left out "writing long blogs about stuff that really no one truly cares that much about ---except maybe my friends, and that could be an overstatement".

I would say there's much to look for, in spite of the occasional sputtering things in our lives!