Friday, May 8, 2009

Revised PR Analysis

OK, thanks a lot Marty. Since you're so good at math you've pretty much ruined my marathon PR that I blogged about. How is that? I ran a 2:51:55 which betters my TCM 2008 time of 2:53:02. Well, here's how.

As I blogged about previously, at TCM 2008, I stopped for 90 seconds (I looked at my watch) for a bathroom break. So take that out, I was running for 2:51:32. This past weekend I had a much shorter bathroom break at mile 18 for 20 seconds. That means I was running for 2:51:35. Slower by 3 seconds! I didn't realize that until Marty pointed it out to me. Basically, that means if I can figure out that bathroom thing, I'm sitting on a 20-ish second PR!

Since the weather was far, far worse at TCM, what this really means is that I was slightly more fit at TCM than at La Crosse. Then again, looking at the splits (look at the chart in the previous post), I see that I ran much more evenly at La Crosse, a much smarter race.

Who knows, but I'm definitely looking forward to a solid summer of training and putting it all out there at TCM this fall!

Side running note: I had a blast last night watching Kirk, Nick and all the Team Unattached ladies run the TC 1 mile last night! Congrats to Nick and Anne on their PR's!

The men's elite race was dramatic. I won't give away the ending; you can watch it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

When will you tell us about your recent 5K PR?

Anonymous said...

This blog is soooooo three years ago.

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Michael Nawrocki said...

More like Life By the Balls.

Michael Nawrocki said...

Tell us about Grandma's 2017!

Michael Nawrocki said...

More like Life By The Old Balls