Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tourney Time!

Every year I partake in a friendly online NCAA pool with a friend from my DC days and her friends/family. I always lose, badly. Every year I lose to her dogs. Yes, her dogs always submit an entry where dog mascots dominate, and because of UConn and the Zags, my friend's freaking dogs kick my butt.

So this year, instead of actually thinking about my picks, I came up with a strategy. Below is what I posted to our message board:

Most years I watch very little basketball, mostly because I
don't really like basketball that much. I enjoy watching my
college teams play, but that's it. So as a GW-alum and a
Gopher-stater, I haven't had too much to cheer about this
year (until Minny's drive in the post-season!)

So this year was an all-time low for basketball for me. GW
didn't have a single nationally televised game. I ended up
watching 3 games all year. I watched both Duke-UNC games,
only because I was forced to, and I actually attended a
Gophers-Hoosiers game in the Barn. That was great, I didn't
think any atmosphere could be nearly as exciting as college
hockey, but basketball in the Barn in the Tubby era is
amazing! Almost made me a fan, almost...

Since I have ZERO NCAA knowledge, what's a guy to do? I
filled out a bracket with the most ferocious mascots
winning, then I noticed ESPN did the same (and did a better
job than I, and I didn't want to explain why I thought a Tar
Heel is pretty formidable since they fought in the Civil
War). So here's my bracket method:

Rounds 1 and 2: I go with the masses. Whomever more CBS
users picked to win those games wins.

Rounds 3 and 4: I go AGAINST the masses. I figure this is
where most people's brackets get hosed anyway.

Final 4: I go with the masses again.

Basically this means if Stanford wins it all I'm money.

Check back to see if this strategy works better than previous years'!

How do you make your picks?

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