Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There's a NEW Mexico?

No one said it better than Homer Simpson.

My trip last week to New Mexico was interesting. Very productive from a work perspective, but also a lot of fun from a personal side as well. I took a day to travel around and see parts of the state I'd never seen. Here are some highlights (with photos):

So you think steers come big in Texas? Well, I don't know if they come any bigger than this. 81 inches! This was from a ranch near my job site.

On my way to White Sands, I had to make a little Wal-Mart stop for green chili and the Boss. Those things should always go together: Dusty desert towns, Wal-Mart, green chili and Springsteen. I love it!

I wish I had had something to mail. I wonder if the postmark would have been a mushroom cloud. What do you think?

Random lava field from 5,000 years ago called Malpais. Very stark and beautiful. Reminded me of my trip to the Big Island last year.

On my way to White Sands, I came within a whisker of getting stranded in the desert. Very dumb.

I visited the New Mexico Space Museum in Alamogordo. Pretty neat place. Worth a visit for a space or military freak/geek.

The best and most ironic billboard I've ever seen. "Friendliest place on Earth"? Probably the people that are getting bombed by those fighter jets would disagree.

And the reason for the trip: White Sands National Monument. All I can say is wow. It was 65 degrees, that's not snow; it's white gypsum sand.

And lastly, no photo for this, but on the way back to Albuquerque I was pulled over by border patrol and asked if I was a US citizen. Yikes!

OK, one more photo. I LOVE New Mexican food, especially green chili and sopapillas! Yum!!

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Robbie said...

Wow! What a very fun vacation :) And such cool pictures! Your work must be interesting! :P