Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

So my 'hood has a new addition that is perfect for me! A Grand Old Creamery just opened at Cedar and Minnehaha Parkway, where an old Dairy Queen used to be. Considering that there's still a DQ close by at the Falls, I can say that I love the change and the new option for ice cream delights!

I am a big fan of the GOC in St. Paul, so I was excited to try this one, especially since they are giving out coupons in my mail (finally, something to look FORWARD to when I get the mail..."where's my next GOC coupon???)

While GOC is no Sebastian Joe's or Izzy's, it is quality ice cream, and local. I must have looked hungry when Ash and I stopped by the other day on our rollerblading adventure, because the kids at the shop gave me a mountain of ice cream. I asked for a SINGLE SCOOP, half peanut butter chunk and half pistacio. Well, you be the judge as to whether that qualifies as a "single scoop." Needless to say, I was a happy camper and will be a loyal customer for years to come! (side note: Ashley had the sherbert and can attest to its deliciousness). Thumbs up all around on this one! Welcome to Nokomis!

Favorite ice cream shops?

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