Sunday, April 22, 2007

Divas of the Ballet

So, perhaps you all (and by you all I mean the 3 of you reading this) are expecting a Boston Marathon recap... Well, that will wait until I have some more photos to share.
My trip to Boston/NYC was great, punctuated of course by an unforgetable experience in the Boston Marathon. But beyond that, the trip was about seeing old friends and getting back to the East Coast. I had a great time with Al and her family. We saw some of the downtown sights in Boston and went to their Science Museum. It's a lot like the St. Paul Science Museum in that it's definitely directed at kids, but of course that made it all the more fun!

Then I went to New York for a couple days to visit Joel and Mary. I did some of my usual NYC activities: see Central Park, and, well, EAT a TON! I had deep-fried pizza, gelato, hot dogs, lots of bagels and my favorite NYC delicacy, NUTS-4-NUTS.

If you've never experienced NUTS-4-NUTS, you are missing out. It's the tastiest treat I can possibly imagine. I prefer the roasted peanuts, but the cashews are delicious as well.

We all went to a Yankees game too, the highlight being finding free parking in front of Yankees Stadium! Unfortunately the Yankees won, but it's an historic stadium that won't be around much longer, so it was great to see it and cross the House that Ruth Built off my list.

The New York highlight, however, was going to see Grandivas, a gay ballet with men in drag. The dancers are amazing, all professional ballet dancers. I've never seen so many men on point at one time before! I've only been to a couple ballets before, but this was definitely the best ballet (and the funniest) I've ever seen. If any of you are in NYC while this ballet is playing, I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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